Fieldtrip Form

Fieldtrip Procedure for Optimal Student Health and Safety

Teacher is to inform Health Service Office staff at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled field trip by submitting attached form below to mailbox or in person. If a student needs parental supervision due to complex medical needs, the health office is to be informed 5 school days prior to field trip data. if the students are going to be gone from schools premises for longer than the school day, 10 school days are necessary to get health forms competed and medication prepared.

Review Health Concerns list pertaining to the students going on the field trip. Contact Health Service nurse with questions and/or concerns.

On the day of field trip, staff person responsible for administration of medication is to pick up medication, medication direactions and Emergency Care plan for student(s) who needs, or could potentially need medication while away from school premises.

Pick up first aid kit from nurses office.

Prior to the end of affected school day, upon returning from the field trip, staff is to return medication and documentation directly to nursing staff. If first aid kit only, a student is permitted to return items.